Users fear dependence on the major suppliers

User resentment about Microsofts controversial new licensing scheme is having a knock-on effect for other IT vendors, according to blue-chip user group The Infrastructure Forum (Tif).

Businesses that say they have been forced to pay more for Microsoft software are now concerned that they are too dependent on major IT suppliers, says Tif chief executive David Roberts. One thing that has been awakened in large organisations is the power large vendors can exercise. Now that is on the agenda as a risk. Companies will be developing strategies to manage this risk down, he said. There is an unhealthy lack of competition from the customers point of view. But its a four year strategy. If you have thousands of desktops you cant suddenly change the build.Users have less than two weeks to sign up for Microsofts new Licensing 6 scheme or face paying full price for upgrading software after 31 July.

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