0,000 reward for Linux on the Xbox

An anonymous donor has offered 0,000 to find a simple and legal way to run the Linux operating system on Microsofts Xbox.

The Xbox consists of IBM PC-based hardware running a stripped-down version of the Windows 2000 kernel. The project aims to provide a version of GNU/Linux for the games console so that it can be used as an ordinary computer.The donor, whose identity is known only to the project leaders of the Xbox Linux Project, will offer 0,000 for the completion of each of two projects.Project A consists of four tasks replacement Bios (basic input-output system); kernel and Xfree drivers; Kernel logic; and XBE bootloader.The largest part of the award, ,000, will go to developers who get an IBM PC-like Bios to run on the machine and allow it to boot Linux from a hard disk, either by permanently installing the device or using it to modify the existing hardware.Project B will be to eliminate the need for hardware modification by developing a CDRom that will allow any Xbox to boot Linux.The Xbox Linux Project is not the first challenge to move Linux into a gaming console as Sony has released a Linux kit for PlayStation 2 that includes the necessary software.The rules, which maintain that all work must be submitted to the Xbox Linux Project at Sourceforge, can be found here.An awards committee will decide how the funds are distributed and the contest ends on 31 December 2002.

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